September 2012 Residency

I spent the month of September at CAMAC this year, and what a wonderfully surprising and productive time it was!
As I complete work from materials collected while in residence,
will post links to videos, sound pieces, photos and other materials below.

ritual leaving and returning

This is a contemplative piece informed by the passage of time
during the act of leaving and returning to Marnay-sur-Seine via the Marnay bridge.
It is comprised of processed natural sounds and video images of the Marnay bridge,
as well as the Seine flowing beneath.

This is a one lane bridge, it is not wide enough for two way traffic. One may only leave or return.

During my time at CAMAC,
I became increasingly aware of the importance of this bridge to Marnay and the surrounding communities:
the passage of cars, delivery trucks, farm vehicles (it was harvest time after all), divers, bathers and pedestrians.

I also became aware of the histories of the bridges that have occupied this site:
wooden, steel – twice destroyed in bombings during WWII...


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