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works by Ken Steen
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waiting to go walking [with anna]
08.19.10 • 11:30 - 11:54 am
duration: 23:52

(sound was harvested next to a small vernal, or perhaps an ephemeral pool - a remnant due to the heavy flooding that occurred during spring 2010).

The ever-encroaching "outside world" is clearly evident here: the suburban or semi-urban juxtaposed with a protected remnant of the old wilderness.

brister's hill: to the circle...
08.19.10 • 4:09 - 4:33 pm
duration: 23:47

(2 stereo flash recorders, one strapped to each of my calves pointing toward the ground)

In particular, in this unprocessed soundpiece, listen for changes in the sonic texture of what is walked upon.
The route taken for this walk was from the entrance along a number of established paths (with a few meanderings off into the surrounding woods) ending at the Reflection Circle.

08.18.10 • 10:51 - 11:51 pm

duration: 59:36

This is an unprocessed ambient recording, the flash recorder was sitting on top of one of the granite posts that demarcates the location of Thoreau's original cabin at Walden Pond. It was collected as an observation of the sonic landscape at this site now.