Waft [piano prélude in the form of a double bass for airports]    

Waft (2004)

This piece is an homage to Chopin, Satie and Eno and is a musical dialogue with Chopin's Piano Preludes, Satie's musical sense of play (Three Pieces in the Form of a Pear etc.) and Brian Eno's Music for Airports as well as his other ambient music. Waft is constructed from the available natural overtones playable on the double bass - indeed a version composed for solo double-bass was premiered in NYC at Merkin Concert Hall in the winter of 2005 by renowned bassist Robert Black on the same concert series - The Hartford Commissions - as was this piano version premiered by John McDonald. Both versions were composed while I was in residence at the Artists' Enclave at I-Park in the fall of 2004.

educatorN   Performed by: Matt Herbst 05.21.06
Hamden Universalist Unitarian Church
sponsored by CCI
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